About The Firm

Harold D. Spears, a product of Ironton High School, graduated from Marshall College, now Marshall University, in 1941. After graduating college, Harold accepted an academic scholarship to the Duke University School of Law. However, his studies were to be placed on hold because, following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Harold volunteered for the U.S. Navy and was commissioned as a Lieutenant. Harold served in WWII and had a decorated career aboard the USS Bull. After the war, Harold returned to law school and received his Juris Doctor degree from the Duke University School of Law in 1947. He then returned to Ironton to enter the private practice of law.

From 1953 to 1961, Harold was elected and served as Prosecuting Attorney for Lawrence County. After a successful campaign as prosecutor against gambling, vice and activities of the “Syndicate” (mafia), he was elected as Lawrence County’s Probate Juvenile Judge. Harold served as Probate Juvenile Judge from 1961 until 1964.

Harold returned to private practice in 1964, forming Curry, Spears and Moore, but later established his own private practice. Harold remained in solo practice until his son, David R. Spears, returned to Ironton in1978. Harold and David then formed Spears and Spears. In 1981, Harold, David, and James C. Riley, formed Riley, Spears and Associates, Co., L.P.A. After the retirement of James C. Riley, the firm was renamed Spears and Associates Co., L.P.A. In 2010, David’s son, D. Matthew Spears, joined the firm.